Composition Environment & Workflow Plugin

Arbortext Advanced Print Publisher (APP) is one of the most powerful composition technology toolboxes in the world and provides a feature-rich, versatile platform on which to develop our customized environment for financial print. Through our partners, one of which being tformat publishing solutions, we can source new APP licences, provide support and training on APP or other composition technologies.

tformat is a provider of specialist publishing solutions, and a value-added reseller for Squaremoons, PTC Arbortext & Antenna House. They are the developers and supplier of the Financial Composition Library plugin for Arbortext ALD (aka APP/3B2).

  • Bespoke composition template (stylesheet) interface, with a feature and function library
  • Manual and automated document composition
  • Comparison proof formatting from our comparison engine
  • Blackline tracking and level management
  • Document splitting and merging
  • SML* processing and transform options
  • GUI for document handling, validation, and formatted comparisons
  • Advanced table handling with automatic table error correction
  • MS Word generation for proof read-back
  • Stylesheet with inline formatting options
  • Data controlled page or frame layouts

* SML is a simple tagged data format developed specifically for typesetting within our financial solution platform and workflow.