With many years combined experience, our team of technical and industry specialists can provide expert knowledge on our solution offerings to your company.

By building our own bespoke software tools, providing extensive plug-in customisation for others and all the related supporting services that surround solution development, we have a deep understanding of the challenges faced in the publishing arena and other typesetting sectors.

Andrew Munt, Director
An expert strategic software leader and architect who continues to create innovative business processes to help deliver software products with challenging technical requirements and time constraints.
Passionate about new technology and continually driving for best practice to help businesses and people become more efficient, cost-effective and streamlined.
Chris Western, Director
Since 1992 he has worked with a range of publishing technologies and industry sectors all over the world, designing, developing, delivering, documenting, training, selling, communitising and supporting new and existing publishing solutions.
Paul Somerville, Director
Having been involved in many software development and typesetting projects across the UK, Europe, US and China, consulting and sub-contracting for large London financial and Fortune 500 companies, he has a demonstrated history of working in the Financial Publishing sector and an in-depth understanding of automated solutions, composition software, user experience, software sales, and automation efficiency.
William McCaw, Developer
An experienced programmer with 36+ years programming in many different languages, more recently in Java and Scala. Having worked both for small software companies and in the publishing sector, he has a wide range of knowledge to draw upon when developing software to meet business requirements and solve workflow issues.