Document Publishing

It’s true – using Squaremoons’ publishing solutions does add an extra element to what is usually a time-critical and detailed process. 

But the time-savings it brings easily justifies the additional 40 seconds needed. 

The Squaremoons proposition is quite simple; before typesetting time-critical and legally required documentation, make sure the source material is in the best state possible. 

Easier said than done, considering the amount of different people and organisations who may input into it – from external legal advisors, internal company secretarial and many others in-between. 

The outcome is often a mismatch of different versions of MS Word, many different style and template uses – all of which is left to sort out at the typesetting stage. 

In short, we’ve simplified this. 

Our solutions prepare content for the most widely used publishing and document creation software.

Our software solutions clean, tag and build documents to prepare them for a smoother, more accurate and automated typesetting stage – meaning the outcome is quicker and has already been through validation. 

This comparison and validation process continues as the project takes it’s usual course of amends and updates – which gives greater peace of mind and clarity over version control and accuracy. 

Download the attached PDF for a simple overview on how we are helping organisations be more time efficient – and get to market quicker, without taking risky short-cuts.

IPO Publishing

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