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26th Feb 21

‘Tag Soup’

How to create good quality data to flow into a composition technology stack. At Squaremoons, we use our experience to find the right solution.

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28th Jun 20

Squaremoons Are Branching Out

Squaremoons has recently signed a new contract with Flow Solutions UK Ltd. to develop a software application to integrate into their brand new Hybrid Mail solution.

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11th Apr 20

Word Document Conversion – The Holy Grail?

Squaremoons ready to launch to market their true round-trip MS Word conversion software. It’s been a year in development but we can now announce that not only can we go from Word to XML into a typesetting system, we can deliver a clean and succinct way of getting back to Word from the typeset XML. […]

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5th Feb 19

CT+ Free 14-day Trials

Even in this world of online editing and dynamic authoring environments, many typesetters still receive source content in MS Office Word documents. Extracting content from multiple source Word documents that are received in a variety of conditions, into a simple, clean and consistent typesetting friendly mark-up has traditionally taken time to build custom routines or […]

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1st Feb 19

Black&Callow invest in Squaremoons technology & 3B2 (APP)

Black&Callow invest in Squaremoons technology & 3B2 (APP) Another happy customer utilising the enduring flexibility of Arbortext Layout Developer (ALD) (formerly APP/3B2) combined with specialist services and toolset from SQUAREMOONS Publishing Solutions.

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