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Conversion and Editing
Word to typesetting friendly tag format
Word Cleaner *
Word Builder *
Tagged data editor
SML documentation
Word conversion to XML
Configurable  conversion options
Configurable cleanup options
Command-line/batch processing
Regular expression function
Perl custom output processing
XSLT processing of XML output
Validation and Compare
SML tag validation
Contextual validation errors
XML validation
HTML compare reports
SML comparison
Additional Output Options
MS Word
Edgar 2 Enquire Enquire
XBRL Enquire Enquire
Arbortext Layout Developer Library
Arbortext layout composition library plugin integrates the above Squaremoons products and all the financial functions you need to typeset financial documents. Click on the link to read more about PTC Arbortext Layout Developer or if you’d like to know more, please email us at

* An optional extra on CT/CT+ and CC subscription licences.